Finally they arrive

Yes, they are here and I captured them. The much-awaited rains finally showed some generosity and showered with a bang. Although it’s been a wet day yet that didn’t help bring down the soaring temperatures (it’s been about 40* Celsius during the days on an average). Of course the rains also brought in the typical problems. Some MTNL landlines failed for a few hours and the Internet connections went for a toss too. So we ended up with very little work at office and spent much time in ideation or strategy sessions. And we did manage to get ourselves drenched in the season’s first shower – It was fun pulling each one out in the open to experience the shower. I’ll put in the photos from office on Monday.

Later in the evening we went to the sea-shore to capture some more shoots. I got my first photo tutorial session. My boss is a avid photographer and he sure did give me some fine points. I am on a bad internet connection so I am going to put more photos at Flickr very soon. Till later, have a great weekend because I am going to have one!

Oh god, I give up! Uploading and Organizing photos on a dial-up connection is like walking in the dessert you just seem to be waiting for it to end ALL the time. No more for the night.