Getting personal

Ok, work was slow and I decided to see what’s new in blogsphere. I had been looking around a lot of new sites through blogexplosion and that’s when I hit upon It’s All Greek To Me. This is my choice of a nice blog. Lots of personal experiences and comments. I experienced so many blogs today which just pulled links, articles or put in screen-shots from other websites. They are so boring, I mean I review stuff myself or recommend tools and websites – but give it your personal touch at least. Or else what use is a blog. Unless of course you are BoingBoing.

Another boring little thing are these User Tags. I tag you, you tag another 5 friends. And then suddenly you see the whole of blogsphere is “tagged” discussing 5 worst friends, 5 books they have read, 5 things they cooked and everything on the earth which can come in “fives”. But on the other hand blogs also expose you to thoughts of some very intellectual people who right damn good stuff. This editor not only does a wonderful job with her magazine but also manages an excellent blog. She writes everyday incidents but they are so thoughtful and they have so much meaning, that you can’t leave without putting in a comment. I am hooked.

I believe blogs sometimes also help you tap into hidden human potentials. There are blogs which feature poetry collections, paintings and even chapters from a novel yet to hit the stands. Blogs just made personal publishing on the internet so much easier. I remember the days when I spent all nights working the HTML tags to put up my first personal website at Geocities. The wonders of technology.

And before I end, something which got me thinking – A colleague at work asked me what are these blogs you keep reading all the time. He asked “Can I sign-up on a website and read blogs? Is there one website which will give me access to all the blogs? Is it a community? Is there any business in it?” I could have answered them all. But let’s look at it. Blogs are not centric to a website. Blogs are not all about business. You can’t be at a single point and say here is a database of all the blogs. Actually you can’t say that about websites also. So I just left him with a URL to help him start his blog reading sessions.