Chocolate Waffles & Butterscotch

A very quick one before I hit the bed. It’s past 2AM and I have had a great Saturday night.waffle desert We dined at a real cute little place called “potpourri” and thankfully it was not Asian cuisine as we had expected it to be. I really feasted on the “4 Mushroom Bordelaise” and by the end of it I thought my stomach would burst. But it was only 12 and we didn’t want to return home so we continued our drive in search of a nightspot where we could spend sometime chatting. It was our lucky night and we discovered a great new outlet called “Le Chocolat – The Chocolate Lounge”. The dessert list was awesome and the coffees looked tempting too but we had space only for little and so we ordered Chocolate Waffles with Butterscotch ice-cream. I am thinking maybe the next time I should go there empty stomach and have a chocolate enriched feast. It would be a killer!

Tomorrow is another lazy Sunday with nothing much planned. I am going to be alone with Dad so it’s going to be a quiet day with not much to do. I hope to spend some time re-working the blog template, I think it’s in a mess especially the right navigation bar.