Let’s get the hell out of here

I better get out of here. These are days when I hate getting into work. I loved my work and loved being here with my colleagues. I believed we were a team…But somehow things didn’t shape the way I had hoped and my career aspirations differed highly from what was set for the organization. But I guess this is how changes take place – sometimes softly and sometimes with harsh reality hitting you in the face. My next move is not confirmed till next week but I already have started signing out from this place. Now it’s a matter of days before I dump my goodies in a carton and walk out.

Lunch time was fun – we got to feast on some fresh mangoes which a colleague got back from his farm. Woo! Can you imagine owning your farm and getting fresh mangoes delivered to the city. That would be so cool, but I guess I am not the type to live a village life – so I better have friends and colleagues who bring in farm fresh “stuff”. As always the boss is out which leaves me with barely no work or updates to be done for today also. I finally did manage to make the PHP scripts work after the support desk asked me to change the e-mail address in the form. It was simple, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it earlier. I spent the better part of the day surfing online and following the blogrolls – I ended up seeing some of the most sex-powered blogs. I didn’t know people would be talking so much about their sex lives and other allied things. Some of them were addictive and went into My Yahoo! Some were too sexy to be viewed at work so I saved them for later 😉

With the weekend coming up it’s going to be a great time, I hope I can get my camera out and capture some shots. I am pretty apprehensive when I go clicking because I don’t know how people will react seeing me with a cam all the time – “Has he lost it?” “Does he lead a digital photo life only?”