Drive Another Day – A social initiative by college students

don't drink and drive

A few days back I got one of those BBM messages which looked like SPAM – Like this page on Facebook and you could help a friend. IGNORED.

But then I got an email from a cousin who pointed me out to the interesting initiative by a group of BBM Students from R.D National College in Mumbai. I really don’t need to write much, take a look and see for yourself how a college project which was done for a few marks has spread and hopefully will let more know about the effects of drink & drive. I think it’s a good effort by the students to show their responsibility and I did my bit – Liked the Facebook page and I hope to spread the word around by this blog post. Go ahead, do your bit too.

don't drink and drive

Drive Another Day

If you are fed up of the menace of drinking and driving which often costs death of innocent lives then you ought to be a part of this campaign. Five students from R.D National College, Bandra- Shraddha Chauhan, Shweta Bharat, Uma Rane, Nirali Marfatia and Rahul Lalchandani- have launched the Drive Another Day campaign that hopes to reduce the number of deaths caused by drinking and driving by making people more responsible for their deeds. It started off with multiple ground level activities and now has a Facebook page which has already received more than 1000 likes.

The campaign started off as a Media Planning project for the college but the students decided to make it effective by taking it outside. People usually think that they can drive normally after drinking without realizing the fact that beyond 0.08 mg their vision also starts blurring. Through the help of this campaign the students are positive about encouraging people not to drink and drive which was launched on 2nd September.

don't drink and drive

As a part of the campaign the students have carried out activities like sticking posters behind some 50 odd rickshaws carrying out messages like “ Had a Drink today? Baetho Ismei. Drive Another Day”. They also utilized the premises of a popular hangout in Bandra known as Bonobo by displaying a dummy dead body of a victim of drink and drive with a message “This Could be You”, which cautioned passerby’s as well as the visitors at Bonobo to give up the practice of drinking and driving. There were valet cards displaying campaign messages given out to Bonobo visitors along with their valet parking card tag. Apart from this, the students also got a pledge petition signed by the crowd who were supporting the campaign which urged them to take a pledge that they will never drive under the influence of alcohol.

Next up, they plan to create a viral video documenting the ill effects of drinking and driving and put it up on YouTube. They will also soon be creating an online game which discourages the practice of drinking and driving.

Join the Drive Another Day effort on their Facebook Page.

Khatron Ke Khiladi – Ambient at Churchgate Station


This morning I saw the ambient work done for the new series of Khatron Ke Khiladi on Colors hosted by Priyanka Chopra. Surprisingly it doesn’t have a mention of the channel’s name but instead a logo of Garnier Men.

I really feel the message could have been done much better than this.

It reminded me of the work I had seen for Reliance Life Insurance. By placing the words correctly on the yellow line, the message did more than just the branding.

Have always been a fan for good ambient work. Have you seen anything similar which remains in your memory?

Picks from Cannes Lions 2010


The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2010 is currently underway in the scenic Cannes, France. Earlier in the week the awards for Press & Outdoor were announced. If you’re interested in seeing the award winning work, see AdsoftheWorld archives.

But what I am going to share is some of the work which caught my attention and is surely worth seeing. [Click on image to view full-sized images]

A copywriter’s delight.

Hot Wheels
Can’t resist it but this is one of those “I wish I had done it” sorts.

Nissan Auto Insurance
Smart. That’s all I’ll say.

Bangalore Traffic Police
Mudra’s silver win at the Cannes

Super non-stick pans
Have always enjoyed ambient stuff done so well.

Film winners will be announced this weekend, so will share my picks later next week.

Sexy invite for award entries


Times OOH is organising the Outdoor Advertising Awards 2008 and sent out mailers to agencies calling for entries.

 Times OOH Outdoor Awards 2008
(yes, that’s a sexy piece there so go see the full size image)

It’s common knowledge that most of the award entries are scams and made at the last minute with very little actual consumer exposure.  I think they take a good dig at all those souls wanting to give even the last minute entries that genuine look!

Times OOH Outdoor Awards 2008

I look forward to seeing the Winner List – How many would I have seen in the “Outdoors”?