Picks from Cannes Lions 2010


The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival 2010 is currently underway in the scenic Cannes, France. Earlier in the week the awards for Press & Outdoor were announced. If you’re interested in seeing the award winning work, see AdsoftheWorld archives.

But what I am going to share is some of the work which caught my attention and is surely worth seeing. [Click on image to view full-sized images]

A copywriter’s delight.

Hot Wheels
Can’t resist it but this is one of those “I wish I had done it” sorts.

Nissan Auto Insurance
Smart. That’s all I’ll say.

Bangalore Traffic Police
Mudra’s silver win at the Cannes

Super non-stick pans
Have always enjoyed ambient stuff done so well.

Film winners will be announced this weekend, so will share my picks later next week.

My pick from the Cannes 2007 films


A real good soul in office downloaded (almost) all the winning entries at Cannes 2007. The Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival (IAF) is generally regarded as the most prestigious international advertising festival. Over the last few days I reviewed the films and some of them truly amazed me.

My favourites:

The Apple series is so very cool kicking the butts of the Windows machines. The thought for Altoids (3 ad campaign) was kind of similar to Bud Light (commerical 2). And if you’ve seen the recent Tata Indicom ads starring Kajol (wedding bridegroom stuck on the hight-way, man loosing network in the lift and business man losing network in the car) they are something similar to the Cingular ads. Just the thought. And finally two ads which I found very odd in there was shera.

I will be sharing my favourites from the print ads soon.