Photography finds a new expression at Freecultr Express

A few months ago Sandeep Singh, my ex-boss at Quasar Media who now heads Freecultr called me to introduce and induct me into the BETA version of Freecultr Express. This is an online initiative by the fashion brand to let artists / photographers & the creative lot have their designs printed on a t-shirt, which are available for consumers to buy online or at the brands’ stores. The earnings per t-shirt are shared with the design owner.

It was an experiment & over a weekend I handpicked some of the photos which I think would look good on my online showcase.You can browse my design store here.

freecultr t-shirts photography

Over the last few months, the project has done well for the brand and also become the centre point for the brand as can be seen from their new website design. I am sure the artists too have benefited from the project. Besides earning some pocket money for myself I am happy that my photography has found a new platform to be displayed & appreciated.

The Woohoo! Moment was last week when Sandeep shared this screenshot from Jabong.Com One of my design t-shirts was featured on this online fashion store.

freecultr jabong t-shirts
Express Freecultr at Jabong.Com

This has been a great boost and I am hoping to select a few more of my photos which can make for some fabulous t-shirt designs. If you’ve got some pieces of creative work, do send in your work to the team at Freecultr.