Automate sending your Pocket Articles to Kindle

kindle wine glassSimple as it may sound, it doesn’t seem to be. A couple of Google searches, checked IFTTT but there wasn’t something which seemed easy and above all “Automated” with scheduled delivery options. The most famous way to do it is – Pocket to Instapaper to Kindle. Messy!

After much digging around and checking reddit comment threads I managed to find 2 good service providers:

En2Kindle – Free trial for 1 week, after which you need to pay a US $6 fee per year to keep the articles coming. Articles come as single pieces and are listed with their titles on the Kindle. – Free Service. I had some delivery issues in the initial few weeks and didn’t seem to work so I had to go back to En2Kindle and pay up the money. However I just noticed last week the service is back and the articles are coming. Articles get clubbed and are delivered in a “Kindle Magazine” format.

Once done, you can keep adding to your Pocket list and read the long articles with ease on your Kindle.