And yes I said yes I will Yes

Last week I had an interesting experience with one of the local auto rickshaw drivers. Now, let me give you some background first. When I get off the train station most rickshaw drivers will refuse the journey to my office [For reasons unknown]. And then last week one of the rickshaw drivers said: YES. I jumped in.

As we got on the road this is what he said:

Sahab, aaj subah mein ghar se nikla toh apne aap ko bola ki kisi bhi passenger ko mana nahin karoonga. Mein dekhta hoon aaj kya hota hai agar sab passenger ko kisi bhi jagah le jaata hoon.

English translation: This morning I decided I wont’ refuse any passenger. Let’s see what happens if I agree on every journey the customer requests.

And yes I said yes I will yes

On a typical day when most of these drivers have disappointed you, this suddenly brings in such a confident mood into you. Lifehacker techniques usually teach you “Learn to say no”. Be picky of things you do. Allocate your time wisely. Do a background check, is it good / bad?

However, it would be rather interesting to get up one morning and tell yourself – “Let’s say YES today.” Your wife wants to go to a new restaurant, don’t check the review – Say YES. Friends call for a movie, don’t ask “Is it good?” say YES.

I am trying to adopt this for 2014. Not a resolution, but a change of attitude. Let’s see where it takes me. What do you think about it? Share your thoughts in the comments area.