As 2012 came to an end I had this “year end syndrome” where you look back into the year and wonder what did you achieve and did you live the year as expected. Of course, becoming a father was the biggest highlight for me in 2012.

When I reviewed the year I observed the usual ups & downs of life. Which made me question:

What is success?

Is it a phase? Is it a pedestal? Is it an achievement? How long can you hold on to “A SUCCESS”?

I really didn’t get an answer but what I did tell myself was that success is not the end and you only need to move on to accept the next challenge.

While lost in this thought, I heard actor Hrithik Roshan say this – A man is successful when he can manage his time to the best of abilities and and make time for all that he wants to do.

Such a lovely thought and with that in mind I want to start 2013 hoping that I will manage my time effectively to do all that I want to – travel, read, write, spend time with the family & friends.

What’s success for you? Drop me a line in the comments, I would love to have your thoughts.

photo credit: DaDaAce via photopin cc

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  1. @KapilB
    Success is two fold as per my personal view. 1- Material and 2-Spiritual.
    Some have one of the 2 and very few have both together.
    My grey hair just thought me that one is successful when one is happy in what one does plus earns a respectable living out of it.
    Have a super successful 2013.
    Regards and love to the little one.

  2. Success is setting a goal and archieving it. Setting a goal too high leads to disappointment. Again, try try again, if you fail first it first time.

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