A walk in mom’s garden

Mom is a gardener at heart. She’s the one who believes that singing to her plants helps them grow better. She takes care of her garden just like it was one of her kids.

The recent attraction in her little garden has been this really attractive green mirchi [chilli].

mirchi lagi kya

And then there are some beautiful flowers at full blossom in this lovely monsoon season. See the water droplets.

my wet look

Oh, and I managed to notice some tweeters in the garden too.

real tweeters


2 thoughts on “A walk in mom’s garden

  1. In conversation, we use the jargon ‘ Oh, it is not rocket science’. Obviously meaning that rocket science needs high intellect and application.
    Have we ever wondered how different colours of flowers and fruits and vegetables are possible from a plant or tree whose leaves are always green ! More plants more happiness and prosperity.

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