Facebook dos and don’ts

Everybody is on it. Everybody loves it. But not everyone can manage it. As much as we all love Facebook, I think at times it can be annoying to see holiday photos where 100 are of animals and trees with just 2 where your friend is also seen. Or those Farmville and Mafia War updates which you really can’t do much about.

So here’s a quick guide on how to be a good ‘facebooker’ and it will probably even get you more popular in your network.

Photos – We love them but let’s also respect them.
When your friends let you click photos it’s because they know you respect their privacy. So make sure not all goes online, especially the ones you wouldn’t like somebody to get embarrassed about. There is always email to share it with a few selected friends.

Just because you loved your holiday spot doesn’t mean you can torture your network to see a 100+ photos. Select a few best which gives your friends a good idea of the fun time you had. At least spare them the over-exposed blurry shots. Trust me, they’ll appreciate that very much.

Add a personal touch to your photo uploads. A description line telling where you are, why you clicked this photo or describing a random object always helps people connect more. Should get you more comments too.

Status updates – Quality matters, not quantity.
Status updates every 1 hour don’t make your profile interesting. Besides when your friends login, they only see your latest one. So ideally you should wait about 12 hours before you make yet another status update.

And think twice before you make that update. It not only talks about your state of mind but also draws a personality picture. And you surely don’t want that one to be messed up.

Original content – nothing beats that.
If you’re the creative sorts who generates original content like a music piece, poetry or a painting go ahead and upload. It will get you more views and comments than all those email forwards going around the place.

If you’ve got a flickr photo album, a twitter account or a bookshelf at shelfari – connect it to Facebook. Will make your timeline a lot more interesting.

Avoid the ‘Select All’ button.
Took a fun quiz? Your farm just got bigger? GREAT. But is everyone on your network interested? Always make sure you are not clicking the ‘Select All’ button for just about everything you come across. Filtering helps and avoids annoying everyone on your list.

And last but not the least remember whatever you share on Facebook is probably being seen by all those people you’ve given access too. And some people have good memory so don’t put up something you would be sorry about later.