God still loves us

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If there is something which makes my mom happy for sure is my twice a week trip to the temple. Of this the one made on the weekend involves a little wait thanks to the queue at times. While standing there it’s rather interesting to see the impatience people experience and at times even express so strongly.

One one such relaxed evening I was at complete ease in the temple. I watched as devotees walked in – some joined the queue and the impatient ones did their “distant darshan” and went away. And then there were the smart-ass types who thought they could did a little chiggy-wiggy to skip the line and reach the lord first. Why? I asked myself.

Humans. We don’t wait our turn to meet lord in the most honest way – so how are we expected to be honest and wait for our turns to get lord’s gift. Let’s be fair to him – let’s give him the time to thank him for what he gives us today and what he plans for our future. Let’s try and be with him when we pray rather than worry if the car is going to be towed away or am I going to miss that call while I am in the temple.

Wishing you all a very happy diwali – one which can get you closer to the lord. Cheers!


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