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After a working weekend, you desperately seek a way to end the Sunday night with something nice so that your energy levels are charged up for yet another grinding week. I think buying advance tickets for “The Hangover” evening show was the best thing to do.

If you don’t have the time to read on, here is the quick movie review – Hilarious shit, you bloody well take your buddies and watch it.

Ah! you are still around, so here is a bit more on the movie. No spoilers, of course. The Hangover is about four friends who drive to Vegas to spend the bachelor’s night before one of the friends get hooked. After a couple of drinks, the movie fast forwards to the next morning and we see the friends wake up in a messed up condition with no memory of what happened last night. And of course the groom is missing. The rest of the movie explores how the friends trace their night crawl and also search for the lost groom who is getting married the next day. A pretty good performance by most of the characters. Allan – the groom’s brother-in-law is superbly funny and is seen most of the time without his pants.

This is one movie you gotta take your buddies along because you’ve either had those moments, missed a chance to experience them or can look forward to having them. And if you are not yet married, you can decide if you want a bachelor’s night like this one.

And yes, most movies say don’t miss the beginning. But for this one – you should not miss the credits rolling.


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