My have-to-watch movie list

Membership to a DVD library really tempts you to call for a movie every night. But I guess getting one movie a week is what I manage. Just finished watching Death at a Funeral (absolutely hilarious) and The Bucket List (ok!).

And this is how my current have-to-watch movie list looks like:

  1. Orange County
  2. Almost Famous
  3. Shattered Glass
  4. 2 Days in Paris
  5. Pulp Fiction
  6. Kill Bill
  7. The Last King of Scotland
  8. The Kingdom

I am on a constant search and recommendations to pick the best titles to watch over a period of time. Do let me know if you have any recommendations.


One thought on “My have-to-watch movie list

  1. Hey Kapil.. that is a nice list there…

    I see a ton of movies, so I wont go recommending everything, but movies I recommend from the recently seen list,

    – groundhog day – available on hulu for free, see it, its awesome
    – north by northwest
    – ghsotbusters – also on hulu
    – star wars the original trilogy – that is if you havent yet seen them

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