Bajaj Pulsar – Another “objectionable” 2 wheeler ad

The recent issue of the brand reporter has a story on ‘objectionable’ television commercials as stated by Advertising Standards Council of India. There were about 14 ads (2 & 4 wheelers) which were upheld by ASCI because they demonstrated risky stunts/activities. There was the Tavera – Indian Cricketers Ad, Bajaj Pulsar 200, Hero Honda CBZ Extreme.

And then later at night I happen to see the latest ad of Bajaj Pulsar.

I was aghast that this commercial has been supported by the client. I would rate it as one of the most risky stunt filled 2 wheeler TVC I have seen till date. And this in spite of so many incidents where youth have hurt themselves after trying stunts from such commercials.

Why can’t agencies stop at showcasing motorbikes as means of transport and style icons rather than mean stunt machines? Should the brand not take responsibility of projecting a safe use of it’s product?


3 thoughts on “Bajaj Pulsar – Another “objectionable” 2 wheeler ad

  1. IMO, Bajaj and ad agency O&M should be commended for that ad. Unlike some other bike manufacturers, they have shown the riders well clothed in riding leather and helmets. And there’s absolutely no traffic where they’re riding. That’s as safe as it gets.

    Furthermore, the top end Pulsars are not commuter bikes that are meant to get riders from point A to point B in “style” (read: cheap graphics). He who desires the afore mentioned shalt buy a CT100 or an XCD125. So your idea of “showcasing motorbikes as means of transport and style icons rather than mean stunt machines” is moot wrt the Pulsar showcased in the Pulsar Mania ad.

    PS: You suck.

  2. I think you just ticked off a Pulsar owner!

    I love the bajaj ads with their “bulund bharat ki bulund takdir (or is it tasveer)” tag line. The rock version is pretty awesome too.

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