Podcasts I have enjoyed

Productive Talk Compilation: 8-episode podcast with GTD’s David Allen
It’s about a year now I guess since I have been following David Allen’s Getting Things Done system. I haven’t read his book yet so when his interview by Merlin Mann of 43 folders popped up I was more than keen to see what’s in store. He does share a few GTD nuggets like email management and what things should go off your head immediately. Merlin shares MP3 files, iPod friendly chapter files and an Odeo powered file for online listening.

podcasts_icon20060429Deliver Authentic Leadership by Robin Sharma
A 4 minute talk where Robin explains us that Authentic Leadership has nothing to do with position or title. It’s all about taking responsibility over your life, its problems, challenges you maybe facing and how you strongly over-power them.

  • Click here to download the MP3 file.
  • Nirav shares the transcript of the talk here.

The Four Hour Week
Extract from Nirav’s post

Yes, you read it right, “Four Hour” week, not a “Four Day” week. Timothy Ferriss has written a book on how you can work only for four hours a week, yet deliver much more productivity and results. Not all of us may be able to shrink our work weeks to four hours, but the principles he talks about can certainly take off five to fifteen hours off the week, allowing you to do something else you enjoy.

If you have any favourites I would like to know what are you listening. Leave your pick in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Podcasts I have enjoyed

  1. I’ve following parts of the GTD system, if not all. I find that it works… but you need to try to see which ones work for you.

    The 4 hour work week is on my january reading list. 🙂

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