Keep Mumbai Clean: But how?

Last evening we were taking a stroll at Marine Drive, better known as the Queen’s necklace. Although we didn’t walk much we drove past the stretch. One of the things which I realized was that in the recent refurbishment plans that Marine Drive underwent they seem to have forgotten one small but important bit – There are no dustbins on the entire stretch (Atleast that’s what I could observe).

marine drive

And if you sit there for a little time you will see the vendors selling peanuts, wafers, water and coffee all in disposable packets and containers. Enough to litter the place or worst litter our seas. So if there is a Marine Drive Citizen Association and if they are listening this is something which should be looked into once the new budgets come in.

Photo courtesy: Shuma Rani

2 thoughts on “Keep Mumbai Clean: But how?

  1. Keeping city clean is not all government responsibility……dustbin put by government or sponsored by film starts gets steal….I would request to all those who wish to keep Mumbai clean to carry a plastic bag or anything in which they can keep there garbage and throw them when they find dustbin

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