10 things about yourself that may surprise you

Nirav posted 10 questions that got me thinking and I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts and get you guys thinking too.

1. How much money you spend per month?
All my expenses go into my black diary so I have a good track of my money.

2. How long you spend talking to your family per month?
Dinner every night and sundays are usually reserved for family, which I guess is “good” time.

3. How much time did you spend working on the thing you say is your “passion” last month?
That’s a tough one .. never tracked it so carefully.

4. How far you walk every day? How much do you exercise?
I walk quite a lot during the day but don’t exercise which I guess is bad news.

5. How much you read NOT from a computer?
I try to do quality reading from a BOOK for at least 30 minutes before sleeping.

6. How much time you spend organizing your life (bills, etc)?
Very little because I sort them very detailed the first time around.

7. How much time do you spend commuting?
45 minutes from Home to Office is not bad for a city like Mumbai.

8. How much time you actually work at work?
Ha! tricky, can’t let my boss read this one.

9. How much time you spend watching TV per month?
Tricky again, can’t let my wife read this one.

10. Which of your goals you accomplished last year?
Is marrying your love a goal? Because I accomplished that one.

Would love to have your thoughts, post them in the comments – I am listening.