How the little branding matters

I was at Bangkok airport’s duty free shopping browsing the Mont Blanc showroom. I see this potential customer walking and asking for some supplies. The attendant brings it in and the customer confirms the purchase. When the attendant presents the charge slip to the customer to sign, the customer notices that it’s a cheap ball pen which he has been given to sign the charge slip. At which the customer shoots out – “You can’t keep a Mont Blanc at your own showroom to let customers sign with it.” WOW! What a point he had made there.

Imagine the customer was buying wallets or other other stuff other than the pen, and letting the customer use a Mont Blanc pen would give him the chance to experience it without asking for it. Besides how insulting is it to give your customer a cheap ball pen for signing a charge slip for a pen costing a few thousand dollars.


2 thoughts on “How the little branding matters

  1. WoW! What a missing by the store. This is done here in the states by restaurants, when the server brings the check to sign. You never know what sort of pen you’re going to get and what sort of ads it will contain. It most always doesn’t relate to the restaurant.

  2. hey kapil, very potent point! keep writing…

    and i need your help in revamping the look of India Adrant…lemme know when you free!

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