In a week- Mumbai Photo Marathon on 22 April

Taking the lead from the idea which Nirav and I have been working for the past few weeks. It’s now final that we will be going ahead with the Mumbai Photo Marathon on next Sunday, 22 April 2007.

Nirav has set down the plan of action. Here it is:

Here’s the idea:

Amature / Professional photographers take a day tour of Mumbai, clicking shots based on 3 distinct themes. Everyone submits 12 best shots from the ones they have taken, and we pool them together. All participants may meet at the end of the day and share their photos and stories.

What do you get?

  • Privilege of participating in first such even in Mumbai ;-)
  • An opportunity to experience Mumbai
  • A reason to freak out

So what are the themes?

  • Roadside Mumbai
  • Mumbai Rush
  • Tourists in Mumbai

Drop me an email if you would like to join. The email is blog (at) kapilb . com
Let us know your comments in any case!


10 thoughts on “In a week- Mumbai Photo Marathon on 22 April

  1. Hi Kapil,
    Sounds like a swell idea… Please do keep me informed about this…I will also put the info in the metroblogging blog site so we can have more participation

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