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In January I posted a link to the interview done by Mukesh Ambani with Rediff. In response to this post I got a comment which I must say moved me a lot. Here is the comment – I have edited the victim’s name to avoid any personal vengeance.

This message is exclusively for Mukesh Ambani.

The reason I am writing this comment is very personal. But, with a hope probably this would reach Mukesh for consideration and favorable action. The story of Dhirubhai and family is very daunting and heart touching. We believe the RELIANCE is a reliance of people it is the manifestation of hope of its employee and the shareholders. I am an ardent fan of Mukesh not because he is rich or a fellow Gujarati but because of his knowledge, philosophy and humbleness. Today, many of us struggle day-in and day-out to bring success to our employer and self. My struggle brought me to US like was my brother in Law Mr. X served honestly with utmost integrity to IPCL for over 15 years, giving most of his youth energy to the Co with very modest growth to his career and salary, yet the commitment and loyalty was never compromised. Meanwhile his wife (my sister) suffered with a terminal illness and they needed to be moved from Nagothane complex for better treat for her and education for their children (both are class ranker and were recognized as best as best student of the school). Under the circumstances he tried very hard to get a transfer to Gandhar or to Baroda both were denied instead he was made to struggle with night duties. Ultimately he resigned giving nearly 5 weeks notice in the larger interest of the family. Today IPCL management is terminating has he did not serve the revised (new) notice period, there by freezing all his earned benefits of past 15 plus years. This small note is written on behalf of the Mother, the two little children and a Father who all directly or in directly have served IPCL/Reliance to take modest consideration while settling the dues of Mr. X.

Dhirubhai had said “Give the youth a proper environment. Motivate them. Extend them the support they need. Each one of them has infinite source of energy. They will deliver”. I believe in today’s flat world the relationship does not end even we get separated it may become multiplicative provided we understand the ethos of family bondage.

I have read the story of great persona Dhiribhai and Mukesh through this site may be I will come back and serve their vision some day through my strategic and information technology research experience.

I as a brother of a very needy sister and their family will remain indebted if this communication finds its way to Sri Mukesh Ambani and is considered favorably.

Profile of my brother-in-law
< – I have omitted the personal details from appearing in public domain – >

Dr. Anil Kumar Thakker

Dr. Anil Thakker made the comment hoping that he would be able to get his message across to Mr.Mukesh Ambani. Unfortunately I have no such access to Mukesh bhai and could not get his message across. But as I read his words again this afternoon they kept playing on my mind and I was keen to do something to take the message forward. I am posting it here with the hope that somebody maybe able to guide Dr. Anil on how he can take forward his request.

My sincere request if there is anything you can do for Dr. Anil – maybe even given him a contact person whom he can discuss the matter with, it would be helpful.


8 thoughts on “Message for Mr. Mukesh Ambani

  1. Dear Mukesh,

    Your NMSEZ is in trouble because of your own people around you, its the likes of Parag Parekh and big guns who start acquring at 5 lakhs and then create a big demand and they themselves start to negotiate on lower prices.

    If you had been promised 5 lakhs a few years back and now that the rates are up by 7 lakhs will you be giving the land by 5 lakhs .

    This is the main reasons for all the confusion , pls look into matters otherwise it would have been initated today.

  2. This is a special message to Mukesh Ambani.

    Reaching out to fulfill the dream of your father is something that you are doing so zealously yet you are keeping up to your culture and Indianess. In every way you are reflecting your fathers personality through your simplicity and approachability and the strong will power.

    Hope that all of us would lend you a support to achieve your goal.


    Sanjeev Rao

  3. dear mukesh ji
    you are just like my brother,so some problam in my life .i want your ap meri kuchh rs. se help kar sakte hain .jyada english nahi aati .bare bhai ne chhote se sab kuchh le liya aur ghar se nikal diya uske liye hi yadi 5to10lakh ki ap help kar de to uska pariwar apki dua se bach jayega .god bless you and your family.
    thank you so much .
    sister archana

  4. fortune is a god and rules men’s lives. and i guess not many men have both good fortune and good sense but it does go with you. i really admire you and a big fan of you. god bless you

  5. mr. ambani my son ISHIT’s ideal person is you but sir how can i write about essay of my ideal person mr. mukesh ambani do some help because my son is studing in 3rd std. in st. pauls school, Rajkot. i don’t know how ISHIT know about you…

  6. sir u r my idol. I am in 10 class and i want to create my future same as yours. I belong from an middle class family and i want create my EMPIRE in business . i take inspiration from your each and every story of success .

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