Give our cricketers some incentive

I was reading a few cricket cartoons this afternoon – yes, cricket currently is limited to cartoons only because I really don’t see anybody discussing the current world cup atleast.

Anyways, then it struck me why are our cricket players are so over-paid. I mean they not only get big fat pays from the big fat rich BCCI but they also get huge sponsorship deals. Great! but the recent performance has disappointed everyone it seems including the big sponsors. So now they seem to have got a fee review in place and the contract will be negotiable based on performance. Hello! didn’t anyone ever think about that one. Even the most high-paid CEOs in MNCs have their pays directly connected to the performance and profits of the company so why couldn’t somebody think of that for our super players. Besides they can always work out some very lucrative deals which will help improve performance. Give them an incentive, simple! If I remember correct a few years back during the football world cup some team players were promised a Mercedes each if they came back with the cup! Of course I am not sure if Sachin would be happy to get a free Reliance phone if he had come back with the cup. Or Dravid getting a lifetime free supply of Reebok shoes. But such incentives could make things interesting.

Would love to hear on how the sponsor companies are revising their deals.