Cricket World Cup Tracker

I’ll be honest I am not a cricket freak. Watching the complete match of 50 overs is really not in my capacity. I find the game to be sometimes a bit slow very honestly even boring if the teams are not playing too well. However when the stakes are high like India Vs. Pakistan or the excitement is as big as the World Cup then things are different. In that case we usually gang up to watch the critical overs of the last innings together. There is booze and then there is lots of food – So that makes up for the boring bit. With the 2007 World Cup around the corner I am sure a few such gatherings will surely take place. So here is wishing the Indian team all the very best and hope they can keep the spirit high up there. About getting back the cup, well I’ll leave that to the experts to comment on.

And here is a good tool which cricket freaks can keep on their desktop. I got this as an e-mail forward so don’t thank me for this bit if you find it useful.

>> Right click here to download it.


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