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Are you a good boss?

Are bosses always bad? Or are they supposed to be bad only because they are the “boss”. I worked with about 4 bosses ever since I first started working. I really won’t say that my experience has been bad – they have been great teachers and one of them continues to be a mentor for my career decisions. Let me put down some qualities which I really appreciate and would want to find in a “Good Boss”.

  1. He should be a good listener. If you are not listening to what your team mates have to share then I think the boss is putting away a lot of good ideas. Democratic in nature. Learn to give responsibility. If you want people to do their best give them the freedom to perform and hold them responsible for results.
  2. Be a driver. It helps if your boss is a person who can push you and extract excellent performance. Their moments when you walk into office a bit dull with no excitement to work. A good boss pumps in energy to make the day challenging.
  3. A catalyst for ideas. Good bosses expect their employees to use free time for strategic thinking and also give them directions to focus their energies upon.
  4. Being more than just a boss. If the team size is permissible, good bosses always try to be more than just a boss. They understand your personal side and can talk to you on subjects beyond work also.

I hate bosses when they:

  1. Make you do the dirty job because they are too lazy.
  2. Make you do the same job which has already been assigned to somebody else. Why? Because you didn’t have anything better to do.
  3. Use your work to impress his boss (the boss’ boss) .
  4. Throw a lot of weight and super-voice only to feel that they are the boss.
  5. And the worst – when they fail to admit that they made a mistake.

What’s your boss like? What has your experience been with superiors? Would love to hear your thoughts.