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I was at CottonWorld (a chain of clothes store in India) this evening and after so many visits I kind of realised why the sweets kept at their cashier were making sense. Give a few to your kid and he/she is busy for a while so that you can go about doing your shopping with ease. Which actually got me thinking at that moment.

How many stores make special arrangements so that parents can have a good time shopping without having to worry about cranky children or even kids pulling them away to the kid’s section. Of course shopping with family is always a pleasure but then sometimes you like to be set free so that you can shop with all ease. Wouldn’t it be interesting if stores set up special play areas where kids can while away their time. They can be entertained with toys, puppet shows, magicians etc. Such things typically happen during the festive season but then during those days the store is over-crowded giving parents very little peaceful time shopping.

This can actually make good retail sense because when shoppers are at ease, they surely would tend to buy more and also buy correct – which makes them a satisfied customer. Taking it a step further we can have kiddie companies sponsor the play area to help with the running cost. Companies can have special offers, let kids experience their products and even talk to potential parents (buyers).

Makes sense? What do you think about it?


2 thoughts on “Children & Shopping

  1. good point. the simplest wud be to get a TV and set it to one of the cartoon channels. then u’l have a problem of pulling the kids out after billing. But just as I typed that i think shops that have some kid stuff really wudn’t want that—maybe at Pepe or Levis but not at Shoppers Stop, cos after all which store wudn’t want the kid to force mummy to buy them some thing. u make a good point. and btw, do u like CWC T’s?

  2. Sriram, thanks for your thoughts. yes, there is a point that not many stores would like to keep nagging kids away. After all such kids could force parents to make some impulsive purchases. But then let’s look at it this way: Parents would rarely leave their kids and visit the kids zone – In this case we are killing the joy of going shopping with kids. You want to leave kids when you are shopping in the adult areas. That’s where the true benefit is provided. Hassle free shopping.

    I really don’t pick up too many of there T’s. Shirts, is what I prefer. And sometimes maybe a pant if the fit is something I like.

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