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Reliance Money uses smart keywords

Try doing this search on Google. And take a closer look at the “Sponsored Links” on the right-side column.


I think somebody at Reliance Money’s online agency has worked out some very smart keywords to ensure that their ad appears when the search is made. I am impressed.


14 thoughts on “Reliance Money uses smart keywords

  1. I Want a Agency In Reliance Money.
    Please Sir/Madam Help Me?

  2. i m looking some prfessional changes for future can u help me that how can i get a job in reliance money.

  3. smart gsm is closes the 750 lifetime plan with out telling that it is not a life time as said at the time of launch.

  4. SIR,

    I am based in Gwalior. I have a trading and demat account
    with Reliance Money.The account number is {DELETED by site owner for security}

    A few days back I had withdrawn Rs. 7000=00 from my R money
    account after I had sold some shares as I needed money for
    personal use. I hoped to receive cheque at my registered
    residential address as is the custom of all the other DP,
    Mutual Funds and Companies.

    On 29.05.2008 I received a call from phone no.0751-4043162
    from R money. The person informed that a cheque of
    Rs. 7000=00 has arrived at City centre, Gwalior Office,
    upon this I asked to send the same to my residence through
    courier. On this the person said it will not be possible to
    send the cheque through courier and I will have to personally
    pick up the cheque.

    Upon this I asked him to connect me to Accounts incharge or
    Branch Head of (Reliance Money) so that I will request him
    for the same.Hearing this he replied that he could not
    connect me to both these officials and further remarked
    following words ” It is your cheque, if you wish you can
    pick it up from office” and without waiting for my answer
    disconnected the phone.

    I am unable to go and pick up the cheque hence I send email
    to customer support and customer grievance at Reliance Money
    and requested to please cancel the cheque and credit the
    money back to my trading account, as I can not go and deal
    with their people at Gwalior office who may spring another
    unpleasant surprise.

    It is brought to your notice that till date my emails are
    unanswered and my money is still lying with them. I have to
    beg for my own hard earned money. The Company is not serving
    properly to it’s customers. It is therefore requested to
    please take action against Reliance Money.

    Pradnya Dilip Nigdikar

  5. Big players like these are bad when it comes to their sites functioning, customer service and charges…I have had a bad experience with Reliance money as well as ICICI Direct…try some smaller brand names like Sushil Finance or Asit mehta…you get betr services there…lemme know

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  7. reliancemoney is most expensive company in the world . & i have got balance in my a/c rs 5800. believe me i have been charged rs 3000 for just three trades .

  8. iknow the use of keywords used by relaince money is quit brilliant. im guessing they have worked quite hard on this.

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