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ThinkWhyNot @ ‘Think Negative’ AIDS Awareness Contest

ThinkWhyNot won two merits at the recently concluded Think Negative’ AIDS Awareness Contest organised by the Bhaskar Group and agencyfaqs! Although we didn’t get to be the winning entry, we are proud to have been given two merits.

Think WhyNot scored two merit entries for work done by Debangshu Kerr and Sameer S Murudkar, respectively.

I am sharing the merit entries for all those interested in seeing the work:

Debangshu Kerr (Copy) Chinmay Raut (Visual)

[One of the 3 creatives was given a merit. We don’t know which one.]
Update: The truck creative got nominated.

Credits: Sameer Murudkar (Visual + Copy)


Credits: Sameer Murudkar (Visual + Copy)

Credits: Sameer Murudkar (Visual + Copy)

The other entries which went out from Think WhyNot included:

Credits: Chinmay Raut (Visual)  Aunindo Sen (Copy)

Credits: Akhil Tiwari(Visual)  Aunindo Sen (Copy)

Credits: Chinmay Raut (Visual)  Aunindo Sen (Copy)


5 thoughts on “ThinkWhyNot @ ‘Think Negative’ AIDS Awareness Contest

  1. Those’re great posters with superb lines..
    and kapil,i feel AIDS awareness has a major role just the same as AIDS prevention..I know one guy who got disappeared for the past six months..Dint know the reason why and where he’s gone..Later me came to know that he got affected with HIV and now he’s dying in a remote village…hmmmm

  2. hey kapil , fantastic work here . esp love Akhil & Aunindo ‘s poster ..
    so u r in mudra now ? or u abt 2 join ? i jus said bye to them some 3 months back ..

  3. please give me the information about the entry forms and last dates for the ‘think negative contest’ also update me for fuether competitions
    thank you

  4. i am really impress by all ad and copy of ad,and
    these ad are very impact full and i an say also creative.

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