Demand for quota in sports

Mid-Day will always have the most senstional story featured on it’s cover page. What use is the paper if it does not have a catchy headline. Today’s story: Athawale demands quota in sport… really did catch my attention and all I could say to myself – “It happens only in India”.

If cricketers from backward classes could win on celluloid like in Lagaan, they can do it in real life also if Republican Party of India MP Ramdas Athawale has his way.

Reacting to India’s 157-run loss to South Africa in Durban on Wednesday, Athawale has demanded reservation in cricket.  

For heaven’s sake people wake up and realize, sports is not just another government issue which you can use to settle political scores or even use to gain lime-light. I mean does anyone of them know the passion which an average Indian has attached to the game of cricket. I can’t even get to imagine what would happen if this quota thing was to be really applied.

Imagine a batsmen from a certain section of the society who made it to the team purely on quota basis failed to hit a 4 off the last winning ball. People would start targetting this section and make things miserable around the place. Don’t we keep hearing stories on how certain souls are exploited based on their background and the class they belong to.

Let’s just hope our dear BCCI is strong enought and does not face any governmental pressure on this one.