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After searching for long and even experimenting with a few programs, I found a real neat and small application which lets me track the battery level in my imate JAM without eating away too much screen space and also loading extras which I really don’t want to have. It has a cute name – Batti. While on the website, I even got the Pocket PC edition of Sudoku. And to be honest, I really don’t know how to play this one – so I am going to learn it now.

While browsing around I looked at anothe good piece of software which can show you the battery status but it’s kind of complex – Spb Pocket Plus and instead I use Spb Diary which I think makes more useful.  And I just see that Diary has been updated with a newer version, so I am off to get that upgrade.

I replaced my i-mate JAM with a Nokia E75 so I am shutting down the comments on this blog post.


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  1. I haven’t downloaded any new applications recently. If I do get hold of any will make a post here.

  2. hi buddy i am using i-mate jam from 3 timesi still wonder howcome dis amazing phone doesnt hav a speaker (hands free) option or may be i m not aware…kindly put sum lite

  3. Aman, imate does support speaker (hands free). When you are on a call press and hold the GREEN telephone (yes) button for a few seconds and the speaker phone will be activated.

    To disconnect press it once more and you will be back to normal mode. Hope this helps!

  4. plzzz can anyone tell me from which site can i get the softwares for imate jam plzz

  5. i want to format my JAM and re- install all softwares including windows… in short i wanna reset my device..

  6. my JAM device switches off when battery is 40%… it needs recharge after usage of 60% only..

  7. How to hard reset your i-mate JAM:

    While holding down the power button press in on the reset button (reset hole) with your stylus for about 5 seconds.

  8. anyOne can Tell me,,,the WEB-SITE of applications of JAM…plz plz………
    m waiting ur replies

  9. Alright, Hear are the answers.

    Full rest to factory defaults:
    (wll erase all data, 3rd party programs)
    Backup everything.
    Hold down the power key and press the reset button. Wait until it restore software from ROM.
    Caliberate the screen and do other settings.

    Another common question is about “usb driver”
    Just download latest Microsoft Activesync to your PC. Thast all.

  10. I just got my I-mate jam second hand and was having problems with my speaker in calls. So i tried to update the rom but failed half way throw then it wouldn’t boot it just had ‘serial v1.02’ with no backlight. I reset it and it booted and installed the apps and finished and rebooted but went back to the ‘serial v1.02’ screen.

    Any suggestions will be greatly thanked.

  11. please let me know how to install a sofware in imate in CAB form?hope you will guide me in detail .thanks.

  12. if u want to download cab file for that u want to download .Net CF 2.0 from microsoft site

  13. Hey – for some reason when I’m syncing with outlook it’s not bringing over all of the contacts.
    It’s driving me crazy!
    I can get some that have no phone or address details but ones that have too much info are just left behind. Do you know why?

  14. I have T-mobile MDA compact which is identical to I-mate s100. for the past 15 months. It is fine but how to increase memory? and where to obtain english manual. I have a german manual.

  15. salam to all i want imate jam drivers and appclations plz tel me about webside where i’ll download free thxx to all bye

  16. if anybody want reset ur hard…no problem..
    First u all u should off condition ur I mate jam
    put up the battery from ur i mate jam
    u must have a steel /iron pin just like “key”
    u should touch all the battery points with the help of steel/iron pin same time not one by one should 15 second constantly
    now u on ur i mate jam ..OK

  17. hi! have u any one change OS of i-mate JAM with windows mobile 6.0. is there any link for support plz let me know? thanks,

  18. to reset imate jam simply insert nedle or tiny pin beside a very small hole at right bottom of handfree socket at bottom.remeber to backup data and other important info 🙂

  19. i want to format my JAM and re- install all softwares including windows… in short i wanna reset my device..

  20. Hello, all
    Please guide me i bought I mate Jam
    when i conect the it with pc it require to install driver, please sugust me the software

  21. can any1 tell that is there a special usb cable for imate or any1 can work becouse my mp3 player has the same usb lead as the imate bt it does not work?

  22. i want azan software for my imate jasjam i already try some softwares but always fail
    please help me

  23. With incoming or outgoing calls, the only way to hear is for me to turn on the speaker phone…it appears if the mute is on and cannot turn it off…do you have any suggestions?

  24. Dude cud u tell me how 2 activate my 2nd call option… i dont get 2nd calls in my imate jam n i cant find any settings 2 do so…. plz help. Thnx 🙂

  25. can anyone help me??? my jam does not reads my memory card….it shows storage card of 7.60mb bt my card name doent appear in popup menu…bt wen i take a card out n reinsert it (while it is on) it shows extended rom of 18.96mb…b tmy card is of 256 mb…plz help me…

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