Learnings in life

What happens? This happens…

> Mumbai rains can flood the city even in the month of September. Way past after Ganesh visarjan is already done with. (Technically it should stop raining after the visarjan).

> MTNL, one the of the better internet service provider in Mumbai actually does not have modems for new customers for more than 3 months now.

> Companies charge your credit card by “mistake”. And then send a simple apology with confrmation of reverse charge.

> Good food also can give you a lousy stomach. So don’t over-eat.

> Married men do tend to put on more weight. You’ll know this if you are married.

And finally,

> The more busy your life is, the less you tend to blog. And boredom can sometimes lead you to an interesting blog post.

Life should be open to learning, always.


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