Slowly, but we bounce back

Last night as I traveled home, I observed the roads which lakhs of daily commuters had to take since the Western Railways had come to a complete halt, following the serial blasts.

As I traveled along I could see one thing which just made me feel nice, even for just a minute in all the chaos that we had gone through since evening. Mumbaikars were out on the roads helping those stuck in the traffic for hours. People were offering water, biscuits and everything possible to make people comfortable in their long journey home. Nobody asked them to do this – but it was the call of humanity which thinks of the plight of those who have to go through the sufferings of such events – Where the common man has no mistake at all.

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I believe the night must have been a difficult one for those who suffered in the blasts and even worst for those who have lost a loved one. But besides that atleast another few lakhs were troubled due to the chaos which the city suffered. But Mumbai has bounced back – it’s Wednesday morning and the city has got back to its feet – slowly but steadily. Although people want to avoid the trains, many just don’t have the option. The rest, I guess have decided not to move out unless really necessary. The sign of yet another normal working day only signifies the spirit that although we are hurt – these events do not deter the human being from shutting shop and fearing the worst.

This is life – And must go on.


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