St. Valentine, what a pity

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usYou have read this a hundred times, yes Valentines day is made to be commercialized beyond one’s expectations. Marketing and businesses have suddenly discovered a whole new festival to help promote sales and plugin to the emotional demands of this “love day”. Or should I say the Valentine week – because that’s how it’s been promoted.

I think the biggest advertisers for Valentines have to be the diamond and jewellery brands. Gosh, can’t man buy something else for his love besides diamonds. So what if they are a woman’s best friend – Ask a man, how expensive these “friends” are.

A personal experience to believe once again that commercialization has taken over – I called a few restaurants in South Mumbai to make a dinner reservation for this special day. Quoted: Rs.3,500 per couple for a 5-course buffet. Okie, no problem I’ll call some place else. Quoted: Sorry sir we are booked even at Rs.10,000 per couple. Excuse me, 10,000 bucks for what – A dinner for two? What are you serving? Gold soup and diamond “pakodas”.

Sorry. I love her a lot, and I really mean it – but spending that kind of money. Not my choice – I rather take her for a long drive (although petrol ain’t very cheap either) but what the hell, I can use the public transport for the next few days and save up for a special day like this.