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After spending more than one year at, I have finally decided to move into my personal domain and set-up the blog there. As a starter I changed my hosting company and moved my domain to Jodohost. They seemed very helpful in the sign-up and it was very prompt indeed. I got a phone call as soon as I had signed up, they made the necessary verification (since I used the CC, I suppose) and immediately sent across the DNS details to activate the domain. Thank you Arjun for recommending jodohost to me.

I have started reading the necessary installation docs for the WordPress set-up but I am sure it’s going to take me a little more time to move things around. Work load at office is at an all-time high so I am not getting much time to do the “after office” net sessions from home. Although I did spend a little time trying to explore the vast collection of themes available for the WordPress platform. It’s a difficult choice, but I am going to make one – Hopefully over the weekend if no work over-flows.


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