hotmuggs in office

hotmuggThis week we got delivery of the new coffee mugs which we wanted for our office. They are these smart looking hotmuggs which come with a little tilt. So when you see the coffee inside its not flat but rather tilting towards you making you feel the coffee will pour out anytime now.

What we have also done is come up with some great copy lines which have been etched on one side of the cup. Let me share a few with you:

  • There is nothing called after office hours. Minutes are all we are usually left with.
  • I must be in love with my boss.
    Every night I see him screaming in my dreams.

  • Considering the deadlines I meet everyday, I have already died a thousand times.

So here’s to another long session of coffee and ideas. Actually make that “tea” for me, please.


3 thoughts on “hotmuggs in office

  1. The copy lines are great! Co-incidentally we have recived the same mugs as diwali gifts in our office too!

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