Are you adult enough?

Today’s editions of Times of india features a very small article stating that the government had decided to ban the uplink of channels beaming adult material. I hate to sound like a naïve soul here, but honestly can someone please do a channel surf and dig out some nationally broadcasted channels which feature any adult material.

Some may argue that we have a plethora of those south Indian tv channels which show more of “thunder-thighs” than the skin which could classify as adult viewing material. Please.

Often, there are times when we friends discuss the availability of such adult material on local television – there is none so ever. You can skip the local cable operator’s channel, which is a very area specific feature. Like for example, where I live the cable guy shows nothing. But my cousins in the suburbs say Saturday nights are fun nights on their cable channel.

This whole thing actually sparked off another thought altogether – Is this country not matured enough to handle legal transmission of adult channels, access to which can be purchased by those willing to pay and are eligible for the same?