The faces of Navratri

Today the nation celebrates Dussehra, which is also the ninth and final night for the NavratriDandiya celebrations. For nine nights people dance to merry and TV channels beam these faces across the television set for the entertainment of those (like me) who could not make it to the event.

Dussehra being a holiday I managed to spend some time last night watching these telecasts and made simple “people observations”. Here are my findings on the typical faces present at a Dandiya function.

Main bhi Madhuri Dixit
This girl could have spent more than Rs.10,000 to dress up for this nine-day festival. Essential Ingredients of this type: A designer wardrobe, a Kaya skin clinic back-rub, lots of hours spent at the beauty parlour and formal dance training a month before the festival starts. All this for that one goal: “Best Dressed Female Dancer”.

I am here to exercise
Step1-Step2-Step3 and turn around. This particular type although here to play Dandiya ends up doing some kind of a P.T exercise like the ones you did in school. No smile, no enthusiasm or the excitement of the music. It’s more like the rhythm of the music just moving the body like a robot.

The Camera-man’s favourite
Every few minutes into the telecast, you notice that a particular girl has attracted the attention of the camera man. As long as she dances perfect to the tunes, she will be captured and telecast. This goes on for a long time till some other camera man at the other end of the venue has spotted “another”.

Mr/Mrs Evergreen
Age no bar, this old generation is here to dance till their legs hurt and backs break. I have noticed a particular old lady who is present at Falguni Pathak’s dandiya event year after year.

Close-up Couple
Dressed in the most authentic attire for the night, this couple will be dancing like a pair from Bollywood movies. Steps perfect to the T and above all, a wide smile to top it up. Award: “BEST COUPLE FOR THE NIGHT”.

And of course, then there is this other type which makes up for the huge crowd who has come there with the only intention to “watch” the above mentioned types. No playing and no dancing – STRICTLY NO. Till the festival comes around again next year – A Happy Dussehra to you all.


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  1. Cool blog Kapil…its a very nice layout…and u seem to be leading quite an intersting life…Loved ur Khaana peena stuff aswell…will keep visiting

  2. Nothing better that seeing a Blog where a person takes extra effort and fills in details. Even better to see a blog where people leave comments. Good job on either front man, looks like its all going good for u.


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