Hey Google, that’s my home

Google Earth has been making quite some noise. It started out as a great tool, but now seems to have attracted some flak from government agencies and other top organizations across the world. Not wanting to be left out I thought let’s catch the action before it’s banned or the program is aborted.

A 12MB download was needed to load Google Earth and then it started rolling. The interface is pretty simple and didn’t take much time to understand. But it sure does a while to get a picture of the world when you are up there supposedly 1000 ft above the surface of the earth.

The simplest was of course to narrow down in the area I live. Hey, can you recognise what part of Mumbai is this?

Now I was in my locality, I decided to pin down my building also. My dad would just not believe what he was saying and was pretty kicked of the fact that we could actually see a snap-shot of the world sitting right in here. I am sure he too would love to experiment.

Havoc here as a great Mumbai Darshan (More pics from Google Earth).

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