Cigarettes, Dance bars & more

Somebody believed cigarette smoking should be banned.
Somebody thought dance bars should be abolished.

So it was. Did someone ever realize that corruption and violence can also be banned/abolished? Why does the government work on things which are simple and have the least impact. Human psyche, I suppose. Let’s keep the minds busy on things which are easy for us to twist. The bigger issues can be lost in the background.

Smoking. They said on-screen smoking acts by film stars promoted smoking among the youth, so let’s put a ban to smoking in cinema.
Dance Bars. They said such places were bad for the society. Created a breeding ground for criminal activities etc. So let’s abolish them. Good move. But let’s think a little extended, will they ban dance bars from movies too? How can Raghu “vaastav” bhai not go to Blue Bird for the new “chamiya”. Whatever will happen to the dance bar item songs which Mahesh Manjrekar may have planned to bring in his forthcoming movies. Does not on-screen display of dance bars create a wrong influence on the “youth”?

Oh so you are telling me Smoking kills. Dance bars don’t. There is something I have always wondered, call me crazy. Sex, love which are natural human activities towards betterment of life and sometimes even a society necessity is banned from full display on-screen. Bad influence on the youth, again. Murder, crime, rape – allowed to be shown in full glory. No influence?

I don’t want to be a society’s watchman by telling the government or rather anyone out there what should be banned and what should be not. But hey can’t the machinery work a little in tandem. Don’t the censor board and home ministry have connections which they can use to exchange information?

I am planning to watch “My Wife’s Murder” the new movie starting Anil Kapoor. The film is all about a frustrating husband-wife relationship and how the husband does / does not end up murdering his wife. Now, how’s that for influence on the husbands?


One thought on “Cigarettes, Dance bars & more

  1. This is true, religion and government and the people that follow banned stuff that doesn’t have to be but won’t ban other things! Where in the hell did they ban dance bars? India? That is ridiculous! Smoking yes, even though I still smoke, I don’t believe others should have to be around it. But what about all the sex on TV, not just R rated movies, but TV, there is so much, do they not think kids are watching. They say it’s up to the parents to regulate what their kids watch, but come on! You can be with them 24/7! It’s very frustrating Kapil.

    I just can’t believe they banned dance bars (assuming you’re talking about strip bars?)

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