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I had to see it – Couldn’t miss such a movie, which was creating so much news ever since it’s release and is on the Current US Top Ten. After last week’s cancellation I managed to catch the Saturday late night show for The Island at the all fancy Inox. Trust me, it’s a sheer pleasure to catch a flick around there. But more on that later.

Talking about “The Island”, although the movie is set in an utopian facility I think some of the scenes were far too-stretched. It’s very difficult to believe that such an underground operation had a security breach and two of it’s inmates managed to escape after a quick kick-fight with the guards. So much for high-tech security of the future?

The best part of the movie is the complete product endorsements by Microsoft. We have the Xbox fighting between Lincoln and Jordan but of course this is 2050, so it’s more realistic than just punching the keyboard. Later, Lincoln and Jordan go to Los Angeles where they use MSN Search booth to locate their sponsor. Now that would be an interesting utility to have. Most of the PCOs in India don’t even have a telephone directory next to them, forget having Internet Directory search. Truly, futuristic.

With all the Microsoft products around I assume Microsoft has survived all the legal suits and made it to 2050 with their OS and more. Which brings you to the next thought – systems are yet easy to hack. How does Laurent’s team (The security expert) manage to hack into credit card systems and track the transactions? So the systems of the future will yet be vulnerable to hackers.

And before I close, this movie is worth a watch. If you missed it at the box office, catch it on DVD whenever it does release.


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  1. Ugh, product placement in places where it doesn’t belong. Sorta reminds me of some of Electronic Art’s latest titles. I remember Need For Speed 2 having ads for Old Spice and Best Buy amongst others.

    Talking about utopias have you read Fahrenheit 451 or The Giver? Both are excellent books along the same lines. And if you want the same idea with a movie that has plenty of action, go with Equilibrium.

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