Give me a brief

Hey, no one seems to be viewing my Photo Express.

It’s been a crazy week, the trip to Malaysia and floods in the city have screwed up entire delivery schedules with the clients. I had to wrap up a delayed Independence Day (15th August) campaign which made me kick the butts of my design team to get the prints in process. Will see the prints soon so I will know if all the pressure actually paid off.

Meanwhile a client’s brief got splashed into my face when she said “I am sorry I miscommunicated” – This after the creatives took almost 3 hours to be cracked. I mean “Hello” let’s work with written briefs the next time around. PLEASE! But I guess all part of the AD world. And that’s not all – thanks to this last minute mess up, I had to miss out the evening at the movies. The office gang (They didn’t make it either) planned to see The Island but I guess I will have to catch it over the weekend if that too happens at all 🙂

On that note, I’ll look forward to the weekend.