Crippled overseas links

A fault in an undersea cable has crippled many of Pakistan’s internet and mobile phone links overseas. [Full Story]

Can you imagine? Being stranded without the internet. If you are reading my blog I am sure you are one of those who believe the internet is no more an add-on communication, rather has become one of the key communication tools. I remember those days when heavy monsoon showers almost crippled most of Bombay’s telephone exchanges which led to many people being disconnected for days together and let’s not forget those were days when mobiles had not yet made their entry. Things sure got tough. Business became difficult. The old and lonely got worried since they could not reach their loved ones.

Internet has now become a necessity and I sometimes (call me geeky) really wonder how people get along without being logged on to the internet. I use the internet extensively to:
  • Communicate
  • Work
  • Play
  • Entertainment
  • Information Sharing
If the undersea cables just went dead one fine morning with an “almost” two-week waiting before things got back online, I am not so sure how smoothly would things move on my end. Why do I say this? Because it seems the cable fault may have affected some of the bandwidth capacity in India. I am yet to face trouble with my internet service provider at work or at home. Let’s hope I don’t spend the weekend “internet-less”.