What more could we eat?

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIt’s probably the only board game I play with great interest and it’s always fun. So whether it’s family or friends – Pictionary goes along with me to every gathering. Saturday night was no different and this time I played with a lot of amateurs and it was exciting to see how they converted words into pictures – hilarious attempts and some great bingos!

paneer & mushroom me with chocolate dessert

Of course Saturday night was not only about Pictionary – but some great Thai Food also. I think N did a fine job cooking the green curry and mushroom-paneer grill. The glass noodles reminded me of the noodles my granny cooks but of course without the Thai herbs. As if we didn’t eat enough we were tempted with some chocolate dessert which was finished off in less than 10 mins since it hit the table. We could not resist it even though we knew we still had to feast on the mango pancakes!

P.S N just discovered some old school photographs of ours and it’s going to be fun seeing ourselves after all these years. I am going to send them to the photoshop soon and share with you some old memories. Hang around if you care!