Power tips from me to you

Mumbai has been going through a major power crunch. There is massive load-shedding and it is expected to have power cuts very often now. As a true citizen of the city I decided to put in some ideas on how we can save precious electricity. Here it is:
  1. Learn to sleep without the Air-conditioner. If you have to, set an alarm or Auto-off to shut it before dawn breaks. It will do good for your body too.
  2. Stop using the elevator. Take the stairs once a day. Thank me when you lose those pounds.
  3. Start wearing wrinkled clothes. Ironing takes up too much of power.
  4. Stop bathing in hot water. Do you have any idea how much power is consumed by a water heater. If you can’t do without one, take a shower with your partner to maximize usage.
  5. Stop watching TV – read books instead. You can get as much drama, action and sex in books as you would want for your daily dose.
  6. Get romantic. Switch to candle-light dinners.
  7. Don’t light your room like a photo studio – learn to control the lights. You can’t look better with more lights – YOU are the way YOU are.
  8. Finally – Stop reading this dumb guide and switch off your PC. Save the power for something worthwhile.

And if you think of an idea to save electricity, leave a comment.