When fortune comes true..

Today’s Fortune: Unexpected events and harsh words may be cropping up out of nowhere today, dear Virgo, so be aware that your well-laid plans may not exactly go through the way you anticipate. You may come across some rather stubborn individuals who seem to want to argue about just about anything. Realize that much of this energy in their heads is just hot air needing to release somehow. You just happen to be in the right place at the right time. Be patient and understanding. This too, will pass.

So so very true for today. All my plans were cancelled for this Sunday. No movie, no evening walk, no sea-side drive and no meeting friends. It was just a bad day “When all seems to go wrong”. But I am glad I could help a dear friend release her energy on me. Yes, I was patient and just let her go on before she popped the phone on me. Life isn’t fair everytime, you see!