Moved to Office 2003

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usI just got an Office Upgrade – moved to Microsoft Office 2003. And it rocks! I like some of the new features and although the booklet had a lot of technical upgrades, integrations etc. I am just going to list down some things which I thought really make a difference to the user.
  • Outlook – the preview pane has a new sorting method and this makes it very easy to locate e-mails of recent times distributed over one, two, three weeks.
  • Outlook – The new e-mail alert which pops in just like the MSN Messenger sign-in / sign-out is useful if you want to see what the new message is without having to switch to Outlook while working on other applications.
  • Word – Just one feature made me fall in love with it. The Read option let’s you flip through pages just like a book. Document Map helps you skip through large documents with great ease.
  • Excel – I didn’t get a chance to work in great detail so I don’t know what the upgrade is here.
  • Powerpoint – yet to experience it.

In simple words: Worthy upgrade if you are a heavy office user. Especially Outlook makes e-mail management “better”.

Next Download: Google Desktop Search.