Open and shut

Restaurants in Mumbai seem to shut down even before you can digest their food. Maybe their shelf life has reduced so much over the period of time, that you can’t run the place with the same concept more than a year. I was trying to make reservations for the night but more than two places in south bombay which I called were shutting down today either for renovation or they because they are re-inventing themselves. Suddenly my plans had gone for a toss. Lucky for me that I had back-up plans and could find a place which existed as of tonight. Where I land up going finally is something for you to catch on later. Keep reading.
Meanwhile I managed to tweak FeedDemon @ work and now it’s working successfully. I love the sync function which let’s me keep the content “fresh” between home and work. I am also getting a new copy of Microsoft Office Onenote 2003 – which hopefully is not a trial version, anymore. Next search: Application which can let me blog from the desktop itself.