Movie time again

Third movie for the week. Yes, I ended up with good friends Tushar and Ash for “Million $ Baby” which really was not my type of movie but then it’s fair to see some movie for their production values only. Last week’s “Meet the Fockers” was a real riot indeed. Great fun with the gang. “Aviator” which dear Tushar made us run for was also not a bad pick but we could have avoided the late night show if there was any other show running.

But the highlight of the evening had to be Ash’s new hair-cut. Yes there is nothing left of it @ all. Take a look doesn’t he look shining. Single and ready to mingle? What say Ash! Panki bhai – All the best with your tests. And we all look forward to Mr. Gupta’s delayed Birthday Bash on the next weekend.

I also start the countdown for a special birthday on the 1st of April.