Let’s reach for the stars in 2014


2013 comes to an end tonight. The year has been quite a roller coaster ride for me.

Reach for the sky 2014

Towards the end of 2012 I became a father and that was a responsibility which has only got larger in 2013, with little T growing up fast and demanding more of our time and attention. 2014 she will add a few more milestones – the biggest being the start of her schooling.

Mid 2013 I moved back to India after completing 2 years in Kenya. This was a big change and exploring the Indian market for new career opportunities was a tough ride. I had the chance to meet a good set of people who exposed me to some very interesting projects. After much evaluation last month I took on the role at RAPP India [Part of the Omnicom & DDB Mudra Group]. Look forward to exploiting my skill sets to the maximum in 2014 and making this role yet another keystone in my career.

Before moving back to India I am glad to have visited the “must see” Masai Mara of Africa. (Yes, I am yet to publish the photos from that trip). The Easter Break I spent some much needed time away from office and visited family in Bahrain. Little T’s first holiday and it was fun. Back in India we did a few religious trips, spent time with good friends in Gurgaon & visited the family in Kolkata.

The second half of the year gave me a lot of free time to pursue some of my hobbies. I read about 4-5 books in the last few months which after little T’s birth has been quite an achievement. My habit of personal journaling has got a bit more active thanks to the Day One app and I am also writing a bit more in the Moleskine. Like every year I hope I will write more the next year.

What I am really happy about is that after much procrastination and laziness I finally put pen to paper and have written the first few chapters of my diary titled – Life’s Lessons: Some big and some so very important. This is an attempt to train myself to become a Robin Sharma inspired life coach.

There are some changes I would like to adopt in 2014 to help me lead a much more productive, happier and healthier life. But more on that maybe a little later.

As I wind down 2013 would like to wish all my readers, friends & families A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR and I do wish you all lots of love, luck & success in 2014.