Restaurant Review: Burma Burma

My food blog Khana Peena hasn’t been getting much action. It’s not that I don’t eat enough but I am not writing enough about the food I enjoy these days. So I don’t think I deserve to have a food blog and instead will be sharing the food bites & more here on this blog itself.

Kickstarting 2015 on a foodie note, the first blog post from my recent visit to the much talked about Burma Burma.

Day 1 of 2015 and mission accomplished. Burma has been captured. Let’s admit it, getting a table at Mumbai’s Burma Burma – The ALL VEG Burmese Restaurant is a challenge. After futile attempts for most of 2014 we finally wriggled a table to kick-start the year.


Once you experience the place, it settles in why the fuss about getting a table. Yummy (all VEG) Food, Good Service & Limited Seating (actually they aren’t that small also).

A quick check on Zomato for recommendations and advise from the waiter for the evening & we were decided on what’s going to be coming in. Tea Leaf Salad had a lovely taste. The soup whose name I can’t seem to remember was good but kind of heavy so next time I would opt for the more clear soup. Get the Steamed Soft Buns – Onion and Spinach & Tofu. We enjoyed both the flavours. For the main course we got greedy and ordered the much recommended Khow Suey & a portion of Burmese Rice and Vegetables. Thank god for a well built up appetite that evening we managed to enjoy both the dishes.

Steam Buns
Steam Buns

So like I said good food, decently large servings, warm service & a not too loud ambiance makes this a lovely choice for dining. If getting a table became just a bit more easier I am going to go back here.

If you enjoy talking about food, join me at Zomato where I am cross-posting my experiences.


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